Sell My Home!

The world of marketing is rapidly changing, which is why you want someone who is specialized in this unique field to give your listing a competitive advantage over other homes. With a degree in marketing, Adil develops a powerful marketing strategy to provide your property the exposure it needs to guarantee excellent results. In order to reach the most possible home buyers, it is necessary to combine both traditional and digital media with techniques that have been around for as long as real estate sales have. Outlined below are the methods Adil may use to get your home sold:

  • Print Media (newspaper ads, magazine ads)
  • Email Flyers (agents representing buyers in the area, the public, Adil's A-List Network)
  • Print Flyers (brochures, feature sheets)
  • Neighbourhood Awareness Campaigning
  • Signs
  • Professional Media (Photography, Videography)
  • Professional Measurements (Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans)
  • Online Advertisements on Sources of Real Estate Information (,
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Websites)
  • Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®)
  • Open Houses
  • Phone Calls to Prospective Buyers
  • Staging (additional cost)

If you want superb results for the sale of your home, it's time to give Adil a call.

But can i help?

Seeking advice on what you can do to make your property saleable is the first step, and Adil will be happy to help provide you customized tips and tricks. Listed below are some of the first improvements you can make to improve appeal for your potential buyers.

Neat & Tidy: Keep the lawn trim, the living spaces clean, and de-clutter as much as possible. Removing clutter will enable buyers to visualize themselves living in the property, and will save you time when it comes to moving.

Bright & Fresh: A mixture of natural light flowing through the windows and lighting can do wonders to present your home as friendly, inviting, and spacious. Pop open the windows and scent the place with brewed coffee or baked cookies to make it feel like home.

Fix & Paint: Minor improvements, fixes all over the house, and a coat of neutral coloured paint will make the home presentable and prevent buyers from pointing out flaws that can chip away at your value.

Pricing & Availability: Everyone's home has sentiment attached to it, but buyer's don't perceive this as value the way you may. At the end of the day, the market dictates the price of your home, and it is important to start at a realistic point to ensure you get attention. Keeping your home readily available and being flexible with timing will enable the maximum amount of buyers to view your property.