Thinking of Buying? Go SEE Homes!

Why are you reading this?

You should be out there viewing properties! Too often I come across buyers who are hemming and hawing about how to narrow down properties. Let's be clear of one thing, I'm not saying to rush towards a set of criteria. By no means should you make decisions with little information and education. In fact, you should be gathering as much information as possible.

The tip I'd like to provide answers the following question:

Where do I find information?

Without a doubt, home shopping information is plentiful online, from our friends and family, in books, on TV real estate shows, and more. These resources are powerful, but there's one major step missing that people seem to forget about while defining their criteria. Simply put, there is no substitute for seeing properties and feeling out a space. 

Let's look at another large purchase, cars. You start off by determining your budget and brand preferences. From there, you visit your preferred dealership, and you view the cars. But before you get serious about anything, you take a few cars of interest out for a test drive.

The buying process isn't all that different with homes. Visiting homes is like the "test drive". It helps to develop your own preferences and get a better sense of what you like and dislike. The problem I see frequently: many buyers are so focused on narrowing down what they don't like before even seeing any property. I come across people everyday stating things like: "I want two bedrooms, one bathroom, a large balcony with lots of sunshine, and a home office to get my work done". It's easy to determine criteria, though in my experience, buyers rarely have a clear picture of what they want until they see and feel it.

Wait...How do I see homes?

Obvious answer to this - call Adil! There are a few ways you can begin to see properties. Most commonly, people start with viewing open houses on the weekends. If you have other priorities on the weekend, I can always call listing agents of properties that have sparked your interest and schedule a viewing for you. Perhaps the easiest way, once you have found a REALTOR® you can trust, request they set up a tour for you. 

What's a tour? Well, think about it like a personalized concierge service where your agent picks you up or meets you, and drives you around to view a handful of homes on your schedule. Yes, it is that easy. Imagine that, viewing homes and learning while being chauffeured around.

So I ask you now, are you looking to find a new home to create your next set of memories? What are you waiting for? Call me to arrange to go out and see some homes!

If you have any questions or comments regarding property viewings or wish to view homes, feel free to email me at

All the best,