Condo VS House - Part 2: #TeamHouse

In Part 1 of my Condo VS House series, we were #TeamCondo. Now let's dive into the joys of residing in your very own detached house. Whether it's Vancouver on your radar, or one of the many suburban cities a short drive away, the Lower Mainland has some beautiful homes that offer all sorts of character and possibility.

So why the house? Well, that's easy if you're on #TeamHouse.

  • Complete Control. That's right! No sharing at all (unless you choose to). If you want to paint the outside of your home rainbow, no one can stop you. Feel like renovating? Go for it. In a house, you have the flexibility to fix what you feel like, design as you please, and play your music as loud as you want. Many arguments occur in strata properties as some owners wish for updates while others don't. You'll never be plagued by these types of time wasters when you have your own house. Animal lovers are welcome too in houses, as there are no rules as to how many or how large they can be.
  • Privacy & Space. The only doors in your home lead to bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces that belong to you. No sharing corridors or lobbies, everything inside your home offers you complete privacy from your neighbours. As well, in most cases, houses offer significantly more space than condominiums. Whether it's having more than one level, or your very own backyard, there's space for the whole family to spread out. Having children, parents, and grandparents all under one roof is no problem in the right house, as typical homes start with at least 3 bedrooms and expand all the way up to 8 or 9 in larger cases. 
  • Rentability. More space than you need? Rent out the basement or suite on the ground floor. Mortgage helpers can be a great way to help chip away at monthly expenses without compromising too much on privacy and space. There's also no strata to tell you how to manage your suite and place limitations on the length your tenants can stay.
  • Maintenance Fees? Want the grass cut or the gutters cleaned? That's your complete choice. No mandatory monthly fees to worry about when you have your own house!

In the market for a house? No wonder why! With so many important advantages, houses have always been the dream living arrangement for most. The freedom of both thought and space are just too hard to give up for those on #TeamHouse

If you're #TeamHouse, let me know why. I'm interested to know what you simply can't give up. Looking to get into a house or learn more about the Greater Vancouver housing market? Feel free to email me at

All the best,