You're Ready to Sell...Is Your Home?


Congratulations! You've made the decision to sell your property and are ready to hit the market. The next big question: you may be ready to sell, but is your home?

The hardest part is generally deciding that you're ready to move on from your beloved home. What comes next is often seen as a tedious chore: getting your home in a market-ready state. Here we'll spend some time discussing how to make your home open house ready. After all, a home that shows well generally brings in the best offers. From that perspective, if it helps, you are technically getting paid to tidy and clean up your home! 

De-clutter, de-clutter, and de-clutter some more!

Depending on how long you've lived at your place, chances are there's your typical surface cleaning and deep cleaning needing to be done. Boxing up items that you don't use regularly is a great way to empty out the space while simultaneously preparing for your move. De-cluttering in phases can help keep things peaceful and not overwhelming. A few strategies I've seen being used include:

  • Go around the home room by room. Remove all clutter from one room entirely before moving on to the next.
  • Pile and sort. Place all your belongings in a giant pile and then begin to sort. Separate all items into categories such as: move to the next home, donate, garbage.

Don't forget to throw on some music during this step, it will certainly make it a lot less tiresome!


Next up, you'll want to depersonalize your home. The last thing you want is for prospective buyers to walk through your home and be unable to visualize themselves in the space. If you have family photos, religious elements, and your own taste in art throughout the home, chances are that anyone entering the home will only be able to see the property as yours and not theirs. 

Patching and Fixing


Part of the depersonalizing process may involve taking down frames or canvases, as well as other forms of art and decor. Holes left from screws and nails are unsightly and show unnecessary wear and tear on the property. Patching these nicks and dents up to smoothen out your walls and doors will prevent buyers from being drawn to what they will perceive as work being needed. As a further step, this may be the time to throw on a coat of new paint to freshen up the home. Otherwise, if you can colour match your walls, simply patching the wall may do the trick.

Other tips

Without diving into a renovation, there are still a few other things you can do to ensure your home looks and feels ready to sell:

  • Maintain a clean and neat space while your home is on the market: keep surfaces clear, floors and bathrooms spotless, lawns trimmed, and beds made
  • Ensure all valuables are either securely stored, or removed from your home
  • Use candles or diffusers to bring in a fresh and pleasant scent
  • If you have stained carpets, you may want to have them steam or spot cleaned
  • Open up curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light in as possible

When you're all ready to a walkthrough!


One of the best tips for sellers who are preparing their home to be listed is to envision their home like a buyer. One day after you've been away from home for a few hours, open your door with a clear frame of mind and a note pad. Walk through your home as objectively as you can (trying to get in the mindset of a buyer!) and observe. Jot down notes of what you like and what needs improvement. If you're finding yourself unable to look at your home without a bias, have a friend or family member conduct this walkthrough for you. After you've collected your notes, go through them one by one and perform the finishing touches to get your home ready to warmly welcome it's next owners.

If you're looking for additional tips and want a professional eye to assist you in getting your home ready to sell, you can email me anytime at

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